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            Now that we get a feeling on how powerful life as an entity is, let's talk about psychic phenomena and developing super-sensory perceptions for all humans (read the article named "4D" before reading this article). So how and when do people have these psychic intuitions? Most psychics utilize their perceptions during dreams. Of course when people have dreams, they are asleep. And when you are asleep, you are not worrying about survival, which is what the subconscious worries about when you are awake. Have you ever gotten a "gut" feeling? If you have, wasn't that feeling sort of uncontrollable? If I asked you to have that feeling again, could have you have that feeling at will? Could you even really explain the feeling? The reason it was uncontrollable was because that feeling was created by your subconscious mind. You did not evaluate anything with your conscious mind, but you just got "a feeling" all of a sudden, out of nowhere. Super-sensory abilities are not completely within the reach of our conscious minds. On the contrary, they are within the reach of our subconscious minds. This is why you cannot bend a spoon by just looking at it and trying to imagine it bending, your subconscious must do it. If you aren't using your subconscious, good luck on trying to bend that spoon. This is precicely why most of us do not have these perceptions - because most of us are only in control of our conscious minds. This of course is perfectly natural because most of us have only lived in a truly civilized society for a hundred years or so. Our sub-conscious minds are still obsessed with fight or flight, hunting food, getting shelter, procreating, etc. Though our conscious minds have evolved into the 21st century, our sub-conscious minds are still in the days of hunting and gathering. It is because our sub-conscious is so worried about survival (as it was forced to be worried about, as humans did in fact need to survive) that that is all our sub-conscious does. Worry, worry and worry. The key to development of these perceptions is going to have to include serious commitment of humans, taking time through evolution, and finally, a world in which humans can live in peace and harmony so that our subconscious does not have to worry about survival and can develop its other functions. Only then can the subconscious truly develop into what we want it to be. This is one of the reasons I believe that most of the psychics, "holy men", etc. are in fact religious people is because of the meditation and prayer that they do. Through meditation, our minds are forced to stop thinking about food, shelter, sex, moving around, etc. because a meditator simply sits down and stays still for hours and hours at a time. When the meditator does this, his conscious mind starts to control his subconscious. Imagine ignoring everything your subconscious says - to move around, to eat, drink, have sex, to find food, etc. and you just sit there for 15-16 hours a day. Sometimes the meditator will even go days without food. Your subconscious starts to notice that it is being ignored, and that is the time that the miracle starts to happen - it starts to perform its other functions. Instead of obsessing over food, it starts to pick up on psychic energies, you start to have mind-boggling intellectual abilities, some can float in the air, minds can be read, futures can be seen. A "bridge" if you will, between the conscious and the subconscious starts to take shape. This "bridge", be it theoretical or physical can give you control over your dormant psychic abilities. Most people's psychic abilities come at times such as during sleeping (dreams). When you are dreaming, your subconscious takes over and you can start to have supersensory perception because the conscious is not interfering with the subconscious. The subconscious mind is not worried about survival (because it is sleeping). Therefore when the subconscious has nothing else to do, it starts to develop the supersensory perceptions. I call this occurence the "law of boredom", which says that a living entity must always have something to do, and when it has nothing to do it does not accept that, so it creates something to do. For instance, you will see that even when we rebuild the World Trade Center, our post-September 11th minds will cease to be happy just knowing that we have a new building and some sort of peace in the world, for our minds will start to create conflict and worry out of nonscence situations, such as a bad relationship, a toothache, your noisy neighbor, etc. This is the law of boredom at work. Similarly, if we meditate for days and days without letting our subconscious get the best of us, our subconscious will start to "get bored", thereby creating and developing the supersensory perceptions that we want, and that are completely in the range of our mind's capabilities. Another thing to note is that these psychic abilities not only come during times of lowered consciousness, meditation, but they also may come as a method of survival. As we have been saying all along that our super-sensory abilities do not develop out of the need to survive, a super-sensory perception may be the key survival after all. This is when people get the feeling that "they are being watched", or the feeling that "they are being followed". I have heard stories of people who have gotten these feelings while driving, they listen to those gut feelings, pull over to the curb, and only look to see that some sports car speeding away would have smashed right into them if they hadn't pulled over. If you haven't read the part of the 4-D article about the woman and the baby, here it is. In one case, a lady had a nightmare and in the nightmare, she remembered clearly seeing clock reading 4 o'clock in the morning. She woke up from the nightmare in the middle of the night feeling very scared. She felt uneasy, and she just got the gut feeling to go get her newborn baby and let the baby sleep in her bed. She fell back asleep and then woke up again in the middle of the night. She realized she heard a loud sound come from one of the bedrooms. She immediately went to her baby's crib in the room in which the baby was sleeping in before she took the baby out, and the she saw the entire ceiling fan fell down right on the crib. Then she looked on the nightstand next to the crib. The clock read 4 o'clock sharp. That is a perfect example of how psychic powers can come to the rescue. Obviously if the brain is obsessed with survival, why shoulden't it use its psychic abilities as a method of survival once in a while?

           One reason we know what the brain is capable of is through our dreams. I have had some absolutely amazing dreams in my life. Some of the most incredible include acts of dialogue and the ability to read in a dream. Let me explain. I have actually had dreams in which I and another person were talking to eachother. I had absolutely no idea what the other person was going to say. It was like talking to someone in real life - except for the fact that that dialogue was created in my mind! I could actually talk to myself in real time! I could say something to myself and not know what I will say in return! Isn't that an amazing feat that our minds can accomplish? I have also had dreams in which I could literally read an imaginary piece of paper with writing on it. That is the most amazing and is truly the ability of photographic memory - however, I had never even read the piece of paper I was reading in my dream in real life. It was like my mind could create an imaginary page with a story written on it, and I could literally read the text on the page in my dream! Try doing that while you are wide awake - it is impossible. It is impossible to read a piece of paper you've read before without looking at it, let alone writing and then reading a sheet of imaginary paper. And this was all done during a dream - the stage in which that bridge between the conscious and the subconscious has been temporarily built during one's sleep and which will die once the person awakes. If the CONTROL of our conscious is linked together with the amazing gifts our subconscious minds can do, there is no stopping us. We, as entities of life, can truly have a profound effect on the universe. And of course we should be able to have these abilities, as life should be able to have control over life, which is the universe itself (read "4D" article if you don't understand). It is that amazing self control, the control over one's conscious and subconscious that will help to create those amazing abilities of psychic powers, telepathy, mind reading, etc. Of course as we have defined life as a random entity, some people are simply just born with these abilities without any mediatation, but these people usually hate their psychic abilities because the psychic abilities are completely uncontrollable - as makes sense because psychic powers are controlled by our subconscious, therefore the person who has the psychic powers doesn't have too much control over when and how they happen. You may ask why our subconscious has control over these ablities and not our conscious, and the answer is quite simple. All of our present five senses completely live off of the subconscious. For instance, you cannot decide whether you like or dislike a particular smell, taste, sound. You cannot have any control over what you see or feel, because these senses are controlled by the subconscious. Only the subconscious can make some sort of discrimination within your brain. If you think about it, why should one thing taste good and another taste bad? Both objects are just objects if you think about it - and we can discriminate only a certain amount with our conscious minds between the two objects. We can look at two watches and say "oh, I like this one or that one", but we have control over that. Even if we don't like one watch we can still wear it. This is not the case with our subconscious minds, because if we have a glass of water and a glass of rancid milk, we wil not even be able to drink the rancid milk, as we will throw it up out of our mouths. So as you can see, the subconscious is a much more powerful sense of discernment among the entities that live in our universe, and that will give someone their psychic powers. Psychic powers must be able to sense ever so tiny waves that all of our brains emit, etc. and your psychic minds must be so powerful that they can not only sense, but discern among those tiny waves. But if we could just create a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious - and let me tell you, that bridge will not be perfect, but if it exists in even the smallest sense, humans will be able to do things never before even dreamed of. And the ironic thing about it is that according to the abilities of a life form, these abilities are not super-sensory at all - they are completely normal occurences of the entity that is life.