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            One of the most fascinating and important elements of our universe is the idea of time. Einstein once stated that nothing could ever go faster than the speed of light. He also said that if you were to move extremely fast, such as close to the speed of light, time would slow down. For instance, suppose twins were to be seperated at birth, one destined to live on Earth and the other destined to live on a UFO that can go close to the speed of light. If the twins had a reunion after 70 years, the one that lived on Earth would be an old man, but the one that travelled in the UFO would still be a baby. That is what Einstein meant by time "slowing down". A remarkable theory - a product only of Einstein's genious. Personally I do think Einstein was right, but I think there might be something else to it. In other words, time may just seem to be slowing down. It might just be an illusion. Time does slow down, as far as we humans know it, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is actually moving slower. I believe that "time" ticks at the same rate everywhere in the universe, just as many of the pre-Einstein physicists thought. I respectfully disagree slightly from Einstein's theory because I believe "time" is not an entity natural to the universe. I do not believe it is an innate property of the universe. This is so because I believe time is a side-effect of life and matter. I truly do not believe time even exists, because again, if you are in the lifeless black vacuum of space without a star or planet in sight, how could time even be an entity (also how could there be distance, gravity, etc.)? I believe time only deals with the physical universe and not the lifeless one. I see life as a party inside a circus tent - do the events that happen inside the tent effect the outside area around the tent? Life has created everything as we know it in the universe, except for the vacuum. Time, gravity, planets, life, stars, light, etc. are just entities "inside the tent", and do not necessarily have anything to do with the outside of the tent (which would be the vacuum of space).

When something going faster and faster towards the speed of light, it might be similar to a person looking at a truck moving on the highway. If you stand on the curb, you see the truck speed right past you. However, if you get in a car and follow the truck, you can keep seeing it. If the person who is looking at the truck is simply standing on the corner, his brain understands that the truck has sped past him, that registers in his brain, the truck then dissappears, and it becomes a "just a memory" in his mind. But now suppose once you see the truck, you get in your car and follow the truck . Now the event does not finish happening, it "keeps on happening", because you keep following the truck. Also remember that after you start following the truck, the place you originally saw the truck (before you got into your car to follow it), is the same. What I think happens when you go the speed of light is not that time slows down, but that our brains understand things much slower. This is because events cannot "occur and end" when you are going at this speed. An event happens, and "keeps on happening" because light is not going fast enough to get past you. However, since we as humans have "mutated" out of the elements of the Earth through evolution, since we ARE in essence water, light, oxygen, etc. these events profoundly effect us. If you go the speed of light for 70 years, you will not even know that 70 years have gone by because as far as your brain knows it, no events have happened after the initial jolt of thrust from the engines of the UFO. The truly profound this is that Einstein was right, one of the two twins would in fact come back a 70 year old man and the other would still be a baby. The miracle of all this is in the subconscious mind. Since light has such a profound effect on us (since we are made up of light to a certain degree since we rose out of the Earth and Sun as a species), not only do our conscious minds get tricked into thinking that nothing has happened, but heres the amazing part of of our subconscious minds get tricked too! Since everything "moves slower" as we get towards the speed of light, even the electrical pulses in our nervous system start to slow down. Our cells don't age, because they don't know time has occured. We humans, as entities of life, do not only have our conscious minds that control us as forms of life. Every cell in our body is a living thing, and by that token, every cell gets tricked into thinking that time is standing still, thereby not allowing us to age. (Our bodies have so many forms of life inside, it is not only our brains. Our subconscious brains are another, almost seperate entity in our bodies, if you will. We have millions of bacteria living in our bodies, some good and some bad, but nevertheless they are living entities in our bodies. When you have a living thing, not only is the living thing living, but everything inside the living thing is also living). That also proves the awesome amount of influence our subconscious has on us, and how the subconscious is the element of life in us that can have an equal effect on the rest of the universe. Not only may the subconsious be able to tell the future, develop the sixth sense, etc. but it is probably also the force that has control over our fate. After all, I may have before given the example of a certain illegal drug - if you take it the "wrong" way, your brain thinks you are drowning and therefore "kills itself" as a precaution. I also used that example as a possible proof of reincarnation, for if you never almost drowned before, how would your brain know what drowning even is? Therefore, by what we were talking about, this is further proof that your brain not only has a tremendous amount of influence over you, but it also can control your aging process, and of course, your death. But again, about the "slowing down" of time, it is only an illusion. Let's take some examples.

One day, there was once an alien conspiracy story I once heard that talked about government cover-ups of UFO activity. One night, near an army base a huge light appeared in the woods near by and officers and soldiers were immediately sent to check it out. What they found was chilling. It was a small round object hovering above the surface of our planet - only a few feet above the ground. But what was truly amazing was when they shined large outdoor construction lights on it. When one soldier walked by, he could see his shadow move on the grass as he moved. However, when he walked parallel to the UFO, he would walk by the UFO and then look back. What he saw could be seen as scary or amazing. He saw his shadow move on the surface of the UFO AFTER he walked past it already. In other words, he walked, came to a complete stop, looked back, and saw the shadow of his body walking by. This means that the UFO was travelling at the speed of light, but staying in the same place. Perhaps it was spinning at the speed of light while remaining in the same place in the woods?

Have you ever heard of a UFO abductee who said that when they got back on Earth after all the alien experiments, their watch read only a minute or two after the time they got abducted (this of course meaning the UFO was travelling the speed of light)?

This shows us that time never slowed down, it only seemed as if it slowed down. With the abductee with the watch, when he looks at his watch after he just got abducted, he is actually seeing his watch as it was an hour ago. Remember, a clock does not tell time. It just ticks and tocks with electricity - a Timex watch does not get access to the universal "universe-clock" that is set up on Planet X by God - it just ticks. Thats all. Just getting a machine to move a thin piece of metal and then putting fancy numbers and hands on the face of the clock is not telling time, it only seems as if it can tell time. A clock cannot tell time! A three-dollar clock you buy at K-Mart does not have access to the time-space continuum! In that respect, if you see your watch as it was only a minute after you got abducted, and you know you got abducted for an hour or so, you are not at all seeing time slow down! You are simply seeing the world as it was an hour ago because light has to catch up with you! (Of course, we all know the way we know things happen, at least consciously, is by the bouncing of light off of the event that happened, and then that light needs to travel to our eyes - just like when the scientists tell us the deep space images we see on the Hubble actually took place thousands of years ago, it just took light that much time to get to us). So when you look at your watch after you got abducted, time has not slowed down or speeded up, but light has. Remember, time is not an actual physical element of the universe like light is, time was created by man, so you cannot say that this imaginary entity has speeded up or slowed down as an effect of physical events in our universe. That would be like saying the wind blew my imaginary friend away. Another example of this "light catching up to you" sort of thing was with the UFO in the woods that was mentioned before. Remember how the soldier walked by the UFO, stopped, and then saw his shadow moving? It is the same situation with the watch - since he went the speed of light, or faster than light, light must now catch up to him. Therefore he sees shadows moving with no people, trees swinging when there is no wind, etc. Light is catching up to him.

(If your really weird like me, you'll see that I just said a hypocrisy. I said at the beginning of this article that if you were to go the speed of light on a UFO, the last thing you'd remember after 70 years was just getting on board and hearing the UFO's engines start. But at the beginning of this paragraph I just said that the abductee was going the speed of light but knew that the aliens were doing experiments on him. That doesn't make sense, because if he went the speed of light, he wouldn't have been able to tell if there were any experiments done on him! The trick is with the aliens way of doing things. Though the abductee thought he opened his eyes and saw the aliens, he really never saw them. He saw them through his subconscious, he saw them doing the experiments as a dream. That is why abductees always feel strange and dillusioned after they get back to Earth, and feel it was all a dream and need hypnotism to recall memories of the experiments. The aliens perhaps know or maybe they don't know that we can see them with our immensly power subconscious minds, which as I said before, have the (usually dormant in most humans) ability to distort space-time because they are an entity of life and life has power over life, which in turn life is the entire universe of matter.